Sunday Times Real Estate Lift-out Sunday April 12, 2015 page 10

Peter Peard, Chief Executive, Peard Real Estate

Question: What’s one hot new trend you’re seeing sellers using to make their houses stand out from the crowd?

Answer: Styling is becoming more popular where sellers use the services of a specialist company to make the property as appealing as possible when it is listed for sale. This is huge in the USA, where it is called home staging and will soon catch on in a big way in Australia. Peard is finding that it is a great investment for home sellers who achieve an average rate of return of $3 for every $1 spent on styling to sell.

Press play to take a virtual tour of this amazing property styled by Dressed To Impress for Peard Real Estate

Still not convinced? Please consider;

- 80% of buyers use internet images to determine which properties to inspect.

- 90% of buyers struggle to visualise how a vacant room can be furnished.

- Photograph’s of empty rooms are generally meaningless. They are certainly uninspiring.

- Research has established that a well-presented home will sell faster and for a better price.

- Not surprisingly, unfurnished homes can take up to twice as long to sell and are often heavily discounted. (The longer the property is on the market,   the more stale it becomes and the heavier the discount required to move it. If the seller can’t attract buyers through the door, the only tool left to create interest is price).

-The cost of home staging as a marketing tool is generally insignificant compared to the value of the property.

Dressed to Impress home staging will provide fantastic photographic opportunities to help create buyer interest not only through the internet but in print and local marketing campaigns.

Our staged homes will help overcome buyer resistance, create a clean, decluttered, depersonalised light, bright and visually appealing home to maximise interest from the broadest possible buyer demographic.

Check out the video above to see how we do it!