It’s worth it!

Consider this. Rarely do sellers think twice about lowering their asking price by 5, 10 or even 20 thousand dollars when in negotiations with a potential buyer. Consider the absolute market evidence that homes sell faster, with less negotiation and price concession by the seller, than homes which have not been professionally staged (not just styled).

For around $2000, D2i will give you the edge over the listed homes which are in competition to yours, with the potential return on that investment of 5, 10 or even 20 times. Within weeks or months.

You only have the one chance to get it right.

“Research substantiates that on average, staged homes sell twice as fast, and at 6% per cent higher sale price, than un-staged homes. THAT’S $12,000 FOR EVERY 200k value on your property.”


About D2i

 The D2I team are skilful and clever home stagers and entirely engaged in your determination to achieve the brilliant sale you want. . Our costs are exceptionally streamlined compared to the benchmarks in Perth…we felt the industry needed a shake-up, and that’s passed on to you. Yet our staging quality is second-to-none. We stage all suburbs, work weekdays and weekends, whatever it takes to help you and your agent achieve the offers you’re looking for!


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