D2i has led staging for years, owning our warehouse in Perth, stocked with a vast holding of furniture, art and accessories.

Our people come from an array of creative and corporate backgrounds, and have one thing in common. We are all educated and skilled in the disciplines of STAGING properties in ways which achieve the fastest sale for the highest price. This isn’t something you learn doing an interior design/decoration course. It’s learned through studying global “best practice” techniques, which have been honed for decades by purveyors of spatial fit-outs to tell the story of a home, to a demographic viewing it, in as short a timeframe as possible.

Potential buyers have around 10 minutes  on average to view your home from when they walk in for the first time…if you don’t show them how it can work for them, they probably won’t see it. They’ll move on to the other 3 or 4 home-opens they have planned for the morning…and most likely will have the greater interest in the home which sells itself to them…the skillfully staged home.

That’s our Skillset. That’s our art.